Fair Green Public Park

Fair Green Park

In 1247 the Anglo-Norman lord of the manor of Carrick, Matthew
FitzGriffin of Knocktopher, was granted the right to hold three fairs
a year in Carrick. His settlement was known as Carrig Mac Griffin. The
present People’s Park (on what was formerly part of the extensive
Fair Green) was established around 1868 after a committee was set
up to deal with the sum of £600 unused from the Famine Relief
fund. In the 1950s the town’s livestock fair moved west of the Fair
Green to a cattle mart.

The nearby primary school funded by the Christian Brothers is still
popularly known as The Green School, beside the western area
of The Green called Cúilín na Faithche (little nook of the green).
Throughout the centuries Carrick’s Fair Green has witnessed faction
fights, livestock fairs, hangings and floggings, circuses and funfairs,
hurling and football matches, political gatherings, processions,
military parades and mass meetings, including Daniel O’Connell’s in

To-day, Fair Green public park is a popular spot for walkers, joggers and runners, for families and friends to meet and enjoy this majestic greenspace and for the Community to host family fun events.

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Town Park Autumn 2016