Tales of romance, intrigue, frolics and fun await along the Butler Trail. Featuring Kings and Queens, Dukes and Earls, the Butlers’ stories will leave you wanting more.

Venture along the winding River Suir valley, the backdrop to the Butlers 800 years legacy. Set in the romantic charming towns of Cahir and Carrick-on-Suir and the bustling town centre of Clonmel, the Butlers landmarks each have their own story to tell.

Explore a house built for a queen at Ormond Castle! A romantic stroll along the river leads you to the hidden gem of Swiss Cottage! Spot the cannonball in the walls of Cahir Castle! Delight in a visit to the restored former courthouse at the Main Guard!

The Butlers in Carrick-on Suir
This beautiful and historic town is where the Butler Family grew to power. The Butlers first settled here in the 13th century. Thomas 'Black Tom' Butler, 10th Earl of Ormond (1532-1614) was the most colourful and influential family member who lived here.

Black Tom built a fine manor house as part of Ormond Castle in the 1560s in expectation of a visit from his cousin Elizabeth 1, daughter of Henry VIII and Ann Boleyn. Unfortunately Elizabeth never visited at all. Find out more about their-much- talked-about relationship on a tour of Ormond Castle, Ireland's only surviving unfortified Tudor Manor House which contains beautiful details including decorative plasterwork portraits of Elizabeth I. Admission to Ormond Castle and local Heritage Centre is free.

Black Tom Butler (1532 - 1614)

It was said Thomas Bulter got his name when he suppressed a rebellion against Queen Mary, led by Sir Thomas Wyatt who was known as White Tom.

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You will hear how the Butlers impacted upon the physical, social and economic fabric of each town and community - and the legacy this has left behind.

In Cahir you will be guided around the town starting at Cahir Castle and finishing up at Swiss Cottage, covering a total of 8 locations with an approximate distance of 5km.

Exploring Clonmel you will discover the impressive Guard House, learn about how trade began and developed, the important role of the Quaker families that provided much of this towns success and an Italian Irish man who put the town onto wheels. You will also hear how intuition and bravery helped save the town from an English army over 350 years ago. The trail begins at the Main Huard and finishes at The West Gate. It covers 8 stops with an approximate distance of 3km.

The audio trail through Carrick-on-Suir guides you around this medieval walled town. On this trail you will visit an old Tudor building, pass ancient bridges and tugs, before discovering the pub that hides buried treasure beneath. The audio trail begins at Ormonde Castle and ends with a scenic riverside walk. The trail covers 6 stops with an approximate distance of 3km.

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Click on links below and follow Butler Trail through the Town.

Town Hall - Rock of Suir

Ormond Castle

Black Tom

Butler Bridge

Town Time

Slips and Laneways

Herons and Horses

Friars and Famine


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