The Carrick-on- Suir of 1958 was an inauspicious location to found a Motor Club.Car ownership was the preserve of farmers and business people and there was no history of motor sport in the area. However it was the brain wave of the late John Lonergan and Mickey Wallace to do so, and the Carrick-on-Suir Motor Club has stood the test of time & grown into one of the most prestigious clubs in Ireland.It’s Willie Loughman Forest Rally has the unique record of being the longest running Forest Rally in Ireland first held in 1970.

The first event was a ‘cross roads’ Test Trial (now called Autotests)  that were all located in the Co. Waterford.The first one was at Picquetts Cross followed by one at Kelly’s Lodge / Lowry’s Bridge and then onto Clonea (Power). George’s memory is a little hazy, as the route was used in a variety of guises over the years.  The Carrick Club became renowned for the length of its Tests and soon attracted drivers from all over the Country.T

hroughout its early years the dynamic club attracted a large membership, which today is about 220 members, from not alone the adjoining counties but also from across the Irish Sea. The larger membership enabled the Carrick-on-Suir Motor Club to promote the Regularity Trials / Rallies of the time. These were mainly held in daylight and would entail routes in excess of 150 miles, routes of 250 miles were not uncommon.

The Carrick-on-Suir Motor Club also held the first ‘Mini Stages Rally’. It consisted of three short stages run twice, sounds like some of today’s multi-stages rally

  • Willie Loughman Forestry Rally
  • Ravens Rock Rally