Carrick-on-Suir is flanked to the south by the foothills of the Comeraghs leading to the Comeragh Mountains themselves, one of Ireland’s best kept secrets. Containing some of Irelands’ best examples of glacial corrie or armchair lakes, the Comeragh Mountains range is hugely varied and stretches from the coast near Dungarvan inland as far as Carrick-on-Suir and Clonmel to form part of the Munster Ridge. Every visitor should try the ‘magic road’ & also visit the spectacular Mahon Falls a 240 ft waterfall tumbling off the glacial range. Also located nearby are Curraghmore House & Gardens & Mount Congreve Gardens. The Comeragh Mountains are also located close to The Waterford Greenway. The Comeragh Wilds Festival takes place each July , for more information click the link here :

This easy to access mountain range offers wonderful vistas across the county’s of Tipperary , Waterford, Cork and down to the sea. The Comeraghs offer everything from a dramatic waterfall down a cliff face to the mystery of the ‘magic road’ which runs through the gap of the range.The twelve mountains which form the Comeragh Mountains are very popular for mountain climbers and hikers.

  • Hiking – On first glance the Comeraghs can be a little daunting to the would-be walker with steep and dark coums presenting a stiff challenge on multiple sides. This spectacular scenery is more than enough reason for a visit.Way-marked walks within the open countryside and uplands of the Comeragh Mountains include linear walks and Failte Ireland National Looped walking trails. The way-marked trails provide the walker with a choice of two to four and a half hour walks of a moderate or strenuous level of difficulty and an opportunity to experience Waterford’s Natural Heritage of the Comeragh Mountains in a sustainable manner.More information on Hiking and activities in the Comeragh Mountains can be found here :


  • Coumshingaun Loop Walk is a moderate 4 hour (7.5 km) walking route around a natural amphitheatre of splendour and silence. Coumshingaun is one of the finest examples of a corrie or coum in Europe and the Comeragh mountains most famous landmark. Corries were formed by glacier movement during the ice age.
  • Coumshingaun


  • Mahon Falls is an 80m waterfall nestled in the Comeragh Mountains near Lemybrien, County Waterford. There is a car park close to the falls with a not too strenuous walk to get to them. The dramatic waterfall which is surrounded by breathtaking beauty makes this a trip not to be missed.
  • Mahon Falls


  • “The Magic Road” – On the way up to the Mahon Valley car park, about 500 metres past the cattle grid on the “Magic Road”, there is a stunted tree on the left hand side. If you stop here and put your car into neutral it will roll magically back up the hill. This is a well known and unexplained phenomenon which really does work. Just be careful that there are no cars behind you!
  • Magic Road , Comeragh Mountains


  • Crotty’s Lake & Crotty’s Rock – Crotty’s Lake was named for the 18th C. highwayman. William Crotty was a notorious highwayman  who carried on his robberies in the south of Ireland early in the 18th century. His name is given to a cave and a lough in the Comeragh mountains. He was regarded as a man of desperate courage, and agility, often baffling pursuers.Guided by the wife of one of Crotty’s partners in crime he was captured & was executed at Waterford by being hung & quartered on the 18th March 1742, and for a long time his head remained spiked over the gateway of the jail in Ballybricken , Waterford City
  • Crotty’s Lake

Crotty’s Rock



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